Thursday, November 12, 2009

Too early for Christmas

Our local radio station posted on their Facebook page a question on whether or not their listeners thought it was too early to begin decorating for Christmas particularly if you thought stores should not have their merchandise out until at least December 1st. It has become quite a hot bed of replies let me tell you. Then someone said I was not very Christian because I happen to post why should I be punished by not being able to check out stores for ideas for my home for decorating because parents don't want to listen to their children whining about "gimme gimmme". Are you kidding me?

It takes us several weeks to get our villages and train sets set up. We have to start in November otherwise it gets too crazy in December. I LOVE everything about Christmas. I think we have a very healthy blend of the true meaning of Christmas and the fun of Santa.

What do you think? When do you start decorating your home? When is it too early for stores to display their Christmas merchandise? Costco has had their stuff out since September and I have commented several times that it needs to wait until AFTER Halloween but yet I always have to go through the displays to check out their new stuff :-D


lyn said...

I also love christmas and I am putting my tree and decorations up next week. I don't mind that the stores start in september. This way I can get ideas. I love watching all the new stuff come into costco. Besides I can start buying my christmas gifts a bit at a time.

Sally said...

I do wait till the first Saturday in December to put up our tree as we do get a live one so any earlier then that we would have one dead tree :)