Monday, November 09, 2009

New Project for Monday

I have been working on three HUGE projects this past summer, one was writing a family history book, another was doing a family reunion for my dad's side of the family and lastly a huge family history seminar where literally hundreds of patrons gather for an all day seminar of about 30 odds classes. It has been an exhaustive last year, add to that 5 surgeries and recuperation time in there to boot.

But we did it with a great team but today I went to get something in my office, went onto my online day timer and put only 1 thing on my daytimer for my todo list for tomorrow. CLEAN MY OFFICE. Now I have done many many times in the years but it will be the first time that I will clean and sort it without bending at the waist, don't bend to get anything , don't lift, don't wash walls, don't vacuum, don't take garbage out.. but where there is s will I will find a way. You can't stop me.

These are all the storage boxes that have gotten pulled out because someone needed something and they never got put back.

there is a spot from floor to ceiling beside the cabinet that the boxes are SUPPOSED to stored

THis is supposed to be my sewing area. And with Christmas coming I have projects to get completed

My poor dining room table would be so happy to get this cleared off and back onto my own desk so we can eat at the table again.

I'm not sure what scrapbooking projects I could work on here!! Bad bad bad

I have spools of ribbon that people have been using and most of the spools are unwound and all have to be fixed as well as things put away in drawers etc

And all the scrap papers and card stock now needs to be reorganized and sorted out, plus sort out and pout away kids play dohs and paints. But once all done I will be abl eto rest.. well until something else gets me going!