Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fall is in the air

Hello Hello Hello!!

It is fall outside and Mother Nature is at her best :) All yellows. oranges, greens, reds and purples.. Artists must be in their heyday just trying to capture it all on canvas or on film! Summer is still my favorite season though just cause we can go camping and fishing etc. But I like spring and autumn for the simple fact is that for the most part, the weather is gorgeous!! Nice and sunny but not overly hot, I can go walking in the middle of the day without feeling like I'm in a sauna.

But the REAL reason I love the fall is .. are you ready??? SWEATERS!!!! I love sweaters!! It's a terrible addiction way more then shoes although I would never admit I had a shoe addiction cause to do that would have to admit to Keith he was right and that would never work hehehee. I love all kinds of sweaters but my favourite are thick cable knit high turtle necks.. You know the kind that you have to roll down the neck 2-3 times .. so warm and comfy.. kind of like someone has their arms around you in a permanent hug 24/7. There is nothing that stops me dead in my tracks when I am window shopping then a window full of sweaters!

I have been working on our annual genealogical seminar for last few days almost non stop as it is coming up next Saturday and was getting frustrated. I am a perfectionist working in an imperfect world and it is frustrating when things don't go my way in my time frame. So this morning I needed a release so started vacuuming. I leaned under the bed to make sure there weren't any run away socks hiding and saw our storage bags filled with SWEATERS!!! Even though we have lots of closets I have to keep my summer and winter clothes apart otherwise I have no room. So thought hey.. temperature is cooling off .. I need a release valve.. so let's pull out all my winter clothes.

But it wasn't just pulling them out of storage it was having to take all the summer ones out of the drawers, the closets and the cupboards first to have room. It was very relaxing and therapeutic. I know I know I am weird what can I say ? :) So here is the end result. I know what Keith is going to say though tonight hehehehe "Why is it my side of the closet keeps getting smaller and smaller?" Sorry Love.. :-D


Carmen said...

Sweaters for you, boots for me. It is what it is! Love Fall!!