Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wal Mart Super Centre

So Lareta and I finally got around to checking out the new Wal Mart Supercentre. I was supposed to pick up my runner kits but they weren't there yet so we decided to check the store out. We sis the tour of most of it.. then hit the tire section which made us both ill so we left that whole section away.

The bad points:
1. They had the air conditioning running at full blast freezing our buns off
2, The staff are not trained very well.. I asked one worker where they kept molasses and was told they didn't carry then.. weird.. then I end up finding it and showing him where it was

The good points:
1. It was great in the fact that we didn't have to climb in and out half a dozen times to go to different errands. Everything under one roof.
2. They have a choice for lunches other then McDonald
3.. They have a hair salon and a nail salon.The good points:
4. It is closer for me to drive there
5. Its closer then going to Guildford

Weould I ever go back. Probably not. I like my neighboorhood Safeway where they call me by name. I can walk there and it allows me to do just a few stuff at the store that I can carry hone. It would be a day truip in going and the would be able tio findhenn


Sally said...

Re-reading my comment I obviously did not use spell check before I posted this... sorry :(

I also meant to say I would give it a *** 1/2 out of 5 stars

It would be ok to go for a fun trip to hang out and see different stuff but not for my every day grocery shopping or other shopping. I can walk to Zellers and Safeway and although I hate the rain and walking in it over the winter, I like shopping in my neighborhood.

Carmen said...

I don't like the Super Centre. I went in when it first opened and had to leave. Total censory overload. I could not take it. And I could not find anything for the life me in there. No thanks. Not worth it in my opinion.