Sunday, October 12, 2008

Old fashioned v ersus new and improved

Yes I know I know!! Stop repeating conversations that I have with my grandchildren they are boring to everyone reading them hehehehe. Too bad.. my blog.. my stories lol..

Thursday's conversation between 4 year old Rosaleen and I as we are taking pictures of our little vegetable and herb garden that she has been helping me water and tend all summer. I took pictures and she wanted to see them on the little window on my camera. I have a Kodak Instamatic normal camera.

Click Click

R: Nana let me see
M: You can 't see, it's not that kind of camera
R: Yes just look in the window at the back

I show her the back... no window.. she ponders for a moment

R: then just hook it up to the computer
N: You can't hook this one up it doesn't have a spot to connect
R:Yes it does
N: no it doesn't
R: Yes it does
N: no it doesn't
R: Let me see

So I show her and she turns it around and around and I have to watch to make sure she doesn't open the door to ruin the film

R: SO how do we get the pictures out
N: We take them to the store
N: Cause they can fix the pictures and then give us real ones
R: So the ones on your computer aren't real ones?
N (sigh) yes they are real just a different kind of real
R: So Nana just get Papa's camera he has a REAL real one that takes REAL real pictures (the emphasis on REAL is hers)
N: well Papa is at work right now and Nana wants to finish these pictures right now so we can take them to the store. I don't want to wait till he comes home
R: Nana you need a real camera
N:Yes I know I do but right now this is the one that Nana has and I like it and it works perfectly fine for me
R:well it only works if you are old fashioned

WHAT??? Where did she learn that word from and in that context???

Note to grown children of mine------

You will know that compared to your Memere's camera where you had to put in a NEW flashbulb for EVERY single picture you took my camera IS a new AND improved camera!!!

Tomato plants

Sage, Thyme, Oregano and Garlic Chives

Last of the Basil