Thursday, August 28, 2008

Capping off the Summer

Honestly I still am looking for the month of May!! Where on earth did the entire summer go? I tried thinking last night about what I did all month but it seemed I was oblivious to it all. But then I went through my pictures and realized I guess I was busier then I thought I was. I did end up having to go back to my mom's in July unexpectedly for a family funeral. Although that is never a good thing by any stretch of imagination it was good for the reason that I got to spend some time with my cousins.. some I had not seen in over 20 years! It was really funny listening to all these children calling my cousins, moms, Grammas, Memere (French for gramma) and think that they had grown up as well. Although seriously Elphie still cracks me up as a grandfather as he ever did as a kid lol Some men just never grow up :)

So here are some pictures of my summer. I wish I had the talent of my dear friend
Carm who is able to put pictures all in one square instead of posting all individuals like I do but maybe she can slow down one day and teach me (hint hint lol)

First we had Canada Day in our backyard with our children and their families as well as some close friends. Everyone had to bring food that was red, white or red and white. It was pretty cool the different dishes we had to eat!! We played volleyball, badminton, had tug a war which the men cheated at of course, egg races and other races.. It was a lot of fun. Our oldest son and his bride to be brought fruit and juice over to make smoothies.. YUMMMMM He was kept busy making those things. He used cranberry juice instead of orange which I normally use and it brought a whole new meaning to the taste!

Keith and I went to the Cari bean Music Festival in Maple Ridge one day and that was a ton of fun!

We also took one of our granddaughters to China town for a private time then went to an ice cream place that has over 300 flavours!!! Can you spell indecision?

We had a couple of picnics, and I took the Little girls to the water park a few times and then the summer was over!

These were taken at my brother's cabin when I went to Mom's in July. My sister in law and I are in what you call the Saskatchewan's idea of an outdoor pool :)

So sad.. it has been raining for the last week for the most part and I hate it. Oh yes... I also have been working in my little garden. I do container plantings and we got about 10 meals of potatoes yummmy!! lots of salads with fixings and now my tomato plants are heavy with tomatoes so am waiting to harvest those soon. I lost one of my green pepper plants though so had to make do with only 1 plant but I got about 11-12 green peppers.

Here's to the fall, Halloween, decorating the outside with fall things.


Carmen said...

I hear you about the summer. I too seem to be looking for June. I swear it was just the end of school and I was fretting about my new position at the firm and having a new sitter for the kids, etc. etc. And now it is all over and school begins next week, and I am shipping my baby boy off to Italy... Ahhhh. It all goes by too quickly.

Oh, and to do the picture grids, I use a program called Picassa. I think you can do the same thing in Flikr which is a free program... I think... Sorry. That's all the help I can muster tonight!!