Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Weekend

Well so far it has been a great weekend... 2 of our grandkids that we had not seen in about a year came down with mom on Thursday night. We were concerned that Dad who lives here and is seperated from mom would have a difficult time and try to do something stupid. Everyone was on guard but he (our son) did really well and act mature!! Go figure..

We had our Egg Hunt yesterday and the children loved it. The daughter and DIL's and I did the children's eggs outside while the men hid the adults inside.. I could hardly believe it... even hiding one another's eggs and baskets some of them took an hour to find it lol.. We watched The Chronicles of Narnia and I really enjoyed it although it really took almost 3 hours to watch it with having to put it on pause every little bit as a child needed something, another one threw up (no not from easter treats but from the flue), then another one threw up as she was going to the bathroom, then Nana had to go chnage twice as it seemed when the babies threw up I was holding them.

But all it in all it was a great dinner and family visit. We will do Easter at church tomorrow and concentrate on the real meaning of Easter and about the resurrection of Christ.