Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Plural Marraiges

I am just reading through the Work and the Glory again and am at the point where Joseph Smith has gotten the revelation about plural marriages and it made me think of when I first heard this concept after I had just been baptized. When I told someone I had joined the "Mormon" church they said oh Keith should be happy and I said why? And they said cause he could have more then one wife. I nearly left the church at that point cause at 22 years old I was not about to share my new man with someone else. But 27 years later I think what if the Prophet of today were to say that again? I mean it is just hypothetical as we have to live the laws of the land and that isn't one of them.. but hypothetically..... having more faith now then I did then... would I be able to do it? Would anyone else?


Heather said...

I know I am not good enough in this life to share my husband. But I have always thought that in the eternities the relationship between wives could be a really neat and special relationship. (not that I particularly want to share him even then) Maybe by then I would be a better person then I am now.