Friday, July 29, 2005

Lost Lambs

I am feeling very strongly that our new presidency needs to focus a big part of our energies on our lost lambs. Anyone have any idea on how we can do this? Do you have any suggestions of things you tried and succeeded with?


Mary Siever said...

Well, since this is my actual/specialised calling in our primary, let me tell you what we have done so far.

We encourage our teachers numbner one, to be the primary contact and we have offered support etc. Their birthday cards get dropped off by their teachers. But myself and the Primary president have "ministry" visits, with the inactive children. And how this works is, I phone them up and see if we can just pop by for a visit, and most have been pretty amenable to this, only some haven't been interested (this is through the mum). We don't say "We are coming to see you because you don't come to Church" but we do say "We want to get to know all of our primary children and so may we pop by and visit with you and your family for a bit?" Oh yes, this is done through the parents, usually the mum :) We also do this with new move ins and new members. We also have a primary newsletter and these get delivered to their homes. So in that way, even though they aren't coming to Church, they are getting some sort of contact. We encourage the teachers and classes to think of ways to involve the children, invite them to Activity Days, other activities, etc. So far we have one family who is becoming more open to coming back to Church and hopefully will do so by the end of the summer. ONe thing they DO want is their younger son, who has not been blessed, to be blessed. He is 4. Their older one is 6. So we see some progress!

Sally said...

That is awesome Mary thank you for your input. I would love to get a copy of the newsletter though that you do!! I didn't know that this was your calling???? I thought it had to do more with the newsletter? I will write up all the questions I have while I am gone and then send them to you :)

Mary Siever said...

Mum, well somehow I can't email it to you :) Want me to mail out some samples to you? I will put them in the mail today or tomorrow.

Well actually my calling is Executive Secretary in Primary, for lack of a better term. I do do the newsletter, and I help out with keeping things "controlled" on Sunday, but the main focus is on working with the Primary, teachers included to fellowship less active children in the ward.

Ok, send me questions!! :)

Sally said...

yes please send in mail and then by the time I get home I will have it here waiting for me. Is Executive Secretary different then presidency secretary? does your ward have both?

Mary Siever said...

Yep it's different. The only reason they call me exec. secretary is because the real title would be too long, LOL. We have our secretary who takes care of secretarial things. I am more like the president's assistant in many ways.