Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Round 2

You know how I posted a while back that I had fallen and banged my head on the car frame and cement hard enough that I gave myself a concussion? Well my doctor had sent me for a cat scan to make sure I didn't have a skull fracture and they noticed I had a nodule in my thyroid gland. Which in itself is not really abnormal but because of my previous cancer they had to investigate. They sent me for a nuclear scan. I actually had one large nodules and a couple of little ones. The dye went through the small ones with no problem but not the large one so they sent me for a fine needle aspiration biopsy.

The radiologist warned me that because of the sheer amount of blood in the gland that they don't always know if they got enough tissue until pathology gets it and I may have to go back for a 2nd one. Which was what I was expecting would happen. He said 5-7 days. 3 weeks later I was still waiting. I finally got called in my doctor's office for the results yesterday. The confirmed the nodule, they confirmed it was a solid mass, they gave the size of 1.6 X 1.3 X 1.2cm. It went on to say that although there were not enough cells in the biopsy to positively say the cancer was back, there were enough to say there was something very abnormal there.

So now I am on the wait list to see an Endocrinology Surgeon. The good thing is he is at St. Paul's hospital in Vancouver which is the best in BC. My other surgeon is also the Chief of Surgery there and I know she would not have slackers on her team so that is really good as well. My doctor said what will probably happen is they will go put me in surgery, remove the nodule and half the gland so that they can actual do a thorough dissection and biopsy. She said I can live on half a gland without taking any medication. If they find the cancer has come back then they will go in and remove the other half of the gland and will reevaluate at that point.

End result: back to waiting once again... I have mentioned how little patience I have right?... I have no idea how long it takes to get an appointment to see this type of specialist and I would imagine everyone that sees him has the same urgency. Will have to wait and see. Will keep you all posted.

I am thankful for my family who continue to rally around me and just keep stiff upper lips just believing in faith and that I am totally invincible :)