Monday, May 09, 2011


So here is my todo list for today: My time is so limited and every minute is consumed with this Yard Sale for the Cure I realized I had not posted in here for awhile so here I am :)

-take granddaughter to Noisy Reader at school - check
-spend time with grandson - check
-change bedding from winter gear to summer gear - check
-finish laundry - check
-find a generator
-convince truck rental companies that I NEED a truck for the 27th and 28th for my event to pick up tents, tables, sound equipment and all the stuff from the lockers and to do it for free at month end
-find a place that I can get walkie talkies from, my sound place does not have them
-follow up on calls to potential sponsors
-contact the volunteers who signed up to see if still available as no answer from emails sent
-get handouts ready for meeting tomorrow afternoon
-get an assistant - check (see photo below)
-try and undo what new assistant did on my laptop as now every time I go to do something it asks me to allow it first..ugh