Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creation and 5 year olds

So today I am walking to my daughter's with my 5 year old granddaughter. You know how you tend to tune out young children when they are rattling on and on about nothing in particular or at least nothing of interest to you then all of a sudden your brain registers something and you pay attention? Hence the following conversation:

Rosaleen: yadda yadda yadda
Me: uh huh, yes, uh huh

Of course in my defense at the time this conversation was going on we were on a very busy street and she has such a soft voice it was hard to hear. But in reality I was thinking of a garden stepping stone I had in mind to do.

Rosaleen: (tugging my hand) Nana you're not listening!
Me: Yes I was
R:No you weren't cause I asked you a question and you said yes but it wasn't a yes or no question..

uh.. what 5 year old knows what a yes or no question is?

Me: Ok ask me again
R: Do you know why God created Earth?
Me: Of course, we've talked about this.. He created Earth so we could come to earth to gain a body so we could return home to Him when we die
R: I know THAT Nana but do you know really why He created it?
Me: uhhh how about you tell me why you think He created earth
R: Because he was sad all the astronauts kept crashing into each other and into other planets cause He hadn't created light on the 2nd day yet. They kept crashing on the 1st day.
M: where did you get that information Rosaleen?
R: Nana everybody knows this..didn't you pay attention to your class in church before?
M:.. I guess I didn't.. maybe I was home that day
R: See Nana you should stop talking to Papa at church so you could hear what they are saying

uhhh Nana is usually stopping Papa from giving you guys wet willies or poking you!!! Am I the only one that missed that Sunday School lesson???


Carmen said...

Apparently I missed that lesson too... Classic!! Great little mind at work!!