Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Memory

I was getting the house started to decorate although I don't know why everything has to be stored so high up.. this year I can barely lift anything let alone lift things off of cupboards and shelves. But I came across our Santa pictures. A few years ago when I was sorting through pictures I noticed that when Keith and I were both single with our kids we had gone to the same Santa within minutes of each other, How ironic that of all the malls in the city we pick the same one. Fate and chemistry was hard at work :) Enjoy the pictures down our memory walk to Christmas Past :)

2 separate pictures of Santa with the kids

Darien, Latitia, Regan, Senthia Britnee Sinead

Senthia, Darien, Latitia, Santa, Brtinee, Dallas Uncle Doug

Me:) Telling Santa I wanted to have a whole lot less bumm that year and he came through WHOOHOO!!

Nana and Papa with Senthia Britnee Latitia and Terry

Nana and Papa with Senthia Terry and Britnee

our Stockings

1st Christmas together after being sealed as a family in the temple for all time and eternity!!!


Anonymous said...

Just so you know that in the 5 picture that you and Dad with some of the grandkids, Latitia is not in that picture. You have put her name down.


Sally said...

thank you for that catch! and thank you for posting on my site.. nice surprise :)